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As part of our dedication to providing the best service possible to our clients, our fee is 100% contingent upon our findings. If our highly experienced staff cannot get your business a Premium Reduction or Premium Recovery, than our services are free!

It's never been more crucial to know your business' Loss Experience Rating. Not only can your Loss Experience Rating have a significant impact on your Workers' Compensation Premium, but recent business trends show that your Loss Experience Rating can make or break a business deal.

Your Loss Experience Rating compares your business' Workers' Compensation Claims History to other employers' of similar size within your industry and state. The Loss Experience Rating represents either a credit or debit that will then be applied to your Workers' Compensation Premium.

By having your  Loss Experience Rating reviewed annually, you can ensure it's accuracy. Even a slight revision to your Loss Experience Rating can potentially result in a Premium Reduction or Recovery of hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars! Our Premium Reduction and Recovery Specialists have over 50 years combined experience in Workers' Compensation Claims Management and Loss Experience Rating Analysis, so why trust anyone else?